Giant George Book

"Giant George, Life with the World's Biggest Dog"

"In 2006, Dave and Christie Nasser decided that they wanted to expand their family, but not in the way most of us would think. They decided to adopt a puppy since they were moving to Tucson, Arizona and buying a new home. It was what Christie needed to make the jump from living in California near her family and friends and moving to where Dave wanted. This was their compromise.

While researching breed types for the perfect type, they knew they both wanted a large dog. They settled on a Great Dane, but after searching thoroughly in the state of Arizona, they couldn't find any that would be ready to adopt right now. They did locate a breeder in Oregon who had some ready to go, and after careful selection from talking on the phone with her and email correspondence, they settle on a runt of the litter, a blue male dog they would name George.

The only problem facing the Nasser's now was finding a home soon enough and so they managed to hide George from the apartment managers and nosy neighbors until he got too large to hide. It was with great luck, they found a suitable fixer-upper thanks to Dave's job in Real Estate. They would soon discover that their problems would only continue to grow at such an alarming rate that what they dreamed of, would be much bigger than they could handle. Much bigger!

In the novel, Giant George, Life with the World's Biggest Dog by Dave Nasser with Lynne Barrett-Lee, the reader is in for the ride of their life, when they see just what happens when the Nasser's adopt the runt of the litter, only to have it turn out to literally be, the World's Largest Dog, EVER! It's a delightful story into the joys of raising George, and all the problems that go hand in hand with raising a large breed dog, who truly believes he is one of the family. I mean how do you manage a 245 pound dog" (source Barnes & Nobel site)

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His dad wrote the greatest book about this gentle Giant and I loved every word I read. I couldn't put the book down. If you aren't a dog lover, you will be after reading this delightful book. I wish I lived near him to meet him. I joined his fan club!!!


This book is absolutely wonderful for anyone, but especially dog lovers. George's owners share their heartfelt story of love, trials and tribulations, as well as overcoming obstacles and finding happiness and success. I am owned by a Great Dane, so I may be swayed by their quirky ways and funny habits, but George can make anyone fall in love with him. I appreciate the realness and fun of the book and recommend it to everyone! Great job George!


What a delightful and entertaining story. When Dave and Christie bought a Great Dane puppy little did they suspect that the "puppy" would grow to be the world's tallest dog. As big as he was though, he was the most gentle and sweet natured dog anyone could want. Their story of George the giant Great Dane is a fun read.


Loved this book, from begining to end. I bought Giant George as a Christmas gift for my English Bulldog, she tried to eat the book. The relationship built between George and his humans, from the day he was brought home, to almost getting rid of him, to bringing home baby. It just tugged at my heart strings. I found myself in tears as I finished the book one day and learned that Giant George had died the day after. You really get to know this gentle giant. A wonderful book.


This book is unlike no other it will capture your heart mind and soul if you want book full of Giant love then look no further Giant George is the book for you!. RIP Giant George you will be missed dearly.


If you've ever had a great dane or have been thinking about getting one, this would be a great book to read. Can't say enough about how good this book is and there were parts that really had me laughing because I've had four danes. Thought the part about them shopping for a larger mattress for George was so funny and I could relate because I went shopping for a twin size mattress for one of my danes because she outgrew the crib mattress and the guy at the store thought we were over the top getting a mattress for a dog, but he was glad to make a sale.


I absolutely loved this book. There were a few tears but lots of laughs! Having had Danes made this book even more realistic and hilarious. As I got closer to the end of the Giant George I started reading slower and slower. I just didn't want it to end. I was honestly sad to finish the book. It was that good!! Now I follow him on Facebook.


The photos are fantastic! I found the book easy to read, it kept my attention, and I hated to have it end! After reading Giant George I went to his website and actually wrote a message to Mr. Nasser., and he responded! (I don't make a habit of writing to "celebrities.") If you are an animal lover this is a book you don't want to miss! Giant George and the whole Nasser family ROCKS!


So many dog books are along the line of Old Yeller, where the dog you've formed a reader-bond with dies at the end and you end up bawling your eyes out. Not this one! George keeps you smiling and laughing, from descriptions of his counter-surfing prowess to the mayoral dignity with which he greets his "constituents." I recommend this book to all dog lovers, but especially to lovers of giant breeds - as an English Mastiff owner, I recognized many goofy, lovable traits that my big guy has as well. Best wishes to George for a long, happy, healthy life!


I love reading feel good dog / cat stories, but this one was more than just about GG but also his human family, so relating to it was easy and made the book much more enjoyable to read. I couldn't put it down - I read it over a weekend & will re-read when I have another spare weekend. 

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